Lab Manager

Jason is a UBC alumnus with an honors degree (BA) in psychology. He is interested in social, cognitive, and clinical psychology. In the Social Identity Lab, in addition to his work as a lab manager, he is working on a project with Dr. Toni Schmader and Dr. Kostadin Kushlev studying the impact that the experience of shame can have on people’s behaviors. In the Social Cognition and Emotion Lab, he works with Dr. Elizabeth Dunn to study how technology (e.g., smartphones) can shape people’s social and emotional well-being as well as the relationship that parents share with their children. Finally, he is collaborating on a project with Dr. Dunn and Dr. Victoria Savalei investigating people’s understanding and interpretation of Bayesian statistics.

In the future, he hopes to attend graduate school for Fall 2017. He aims to continue to develop his skills in research, mentorship, and teaching, and to apply these skills to help people in meaningful, long lasting ways.